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We are a collective of teachers, that offer a diverse selection of workshops from tango to yoga, mindfulness to belly-dancing. We work with corporate groups offering courses, retreats and events in Barcelona and all over Spain. Via Zoom we work with the world!

Our areas of Expertise

From Argentinia Tango to Arabian Belly Dancing, Yoga to Mindfulness and Meditation, we aim to bring groups the opportunity to try new things, enjoy getting out of the busy mind and into the body.

Mindful Wine Walks

 Some of the corporate groups we've worked with:

What Clients Are Saying

"I feel more serene and empowered, more capable of dealing with day-to-day stress and anxiety."

Liz Hill


incorporate     /ɪnˈkɔːpəreɪt/


From the Latin "Corpus" - Body

- to take in or include

- to constitute (i.e.a company, or other organization) 

- to have a bodily form, to be embodied 

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