About what we offer

Coming from a variety of different disciplines we aim to bring a fresh new way of working with corporate groups in and around Barcelona, throughout Spain and via the internet, the world!

Aware that many of us live lives that are so busy that we get lost in continual doing- both mental and physical. We aim to redress the balance. We offer corporate groups an opportunity to slow down and try something new without the pressure of needing to succeed.


Instead you're invited to remember the fulfilment of doing things simply for the joy of it, with good humour and in a relaxed environment.


To move, to stretch, to breathe, to be.

On Well-being

Now more than ever we are realising the importance of our health and wellbeing. In these uncertain times more and more businesses, groups and individuals are making this a priority- and rightly so.

From learning to calm the body and mind, to celebrating being able to move, dance, be together (even if it is on Zoom!) we aim to offer something of real value, tailor-made to the needs of the group.

Contact Us

Mail: info@mbsr-mindfulness.com

Tel: +34 617721610

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