Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance was originally inspired by the dances and rituals of antiquity, dating back to more than 30.000 years ago. They are the oldest forms of healing and spiritual practices. Max Fathom created Ecstatic Dance in 2008, on the island of Hawaii, and it continued on in California. Since then, Ecstatic Dance has spread worldwide.

Ecstatic Dance is a meeting place for all different kinds of people to gather together and who love to dance. A journey of movement and music where we can dance to express ourselves, not to impress. We come as we are. We get lost in the music, get filled with vitality, sweat and have fun. Body, mind and spirit come together while we get in touch with our true selves by the complete freedom of movement.

Get out of your head and have a party in your body. 

Open to all genders, ages, cultures and sizes. 

No dance experience necessary……..the Ecstatic Dance movement experience is open to whoever has a body and wants to dance!


Ecstatic Dance agreements:

1. Move as you want

2. No talking on the dance floor

3. Respect yourself and others

4. No drugs or alcohol

5. No photos or videos

6. Dance barefoot


This is a space of warm support, security and free expression without judgement.


What  to bring:

1. Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely

2. A bottle of water.


What to expect:

1.  High level conscious and inspiring electronic music chosen with love and experience 

2.  People who love to dance and love music

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