Tango – Serious fun 

A Tango session with Incorporate Wellness is an opportunity to interact with your team in an entirely new way.  It´s communication without speaking. It’s about being assertive and being responsive.  It brings you into the present moment like a meditation, and yet it asks you to action.  It’s about the other person, and it’s about you.  Surprise your partner, and at the same time work with them as a team.  Above all it’s playful, and it’s challenging.  So get ready for some serious fun!  


The way we approach Tango is about the communication in the pair, about interaction and about being in one’s own physicality. Therefore we work as a group, and it’s not important if the group is all men, all women, or a mixed group.  We are not going to create a traditional male-female dance here!  


Tango – a new experience of leadership 

Because Tango uses the principles of leading and following for decision making, it generates a space in which people can learn to lead and follow simultaneously. For example, one person leads the direction, but the other leads the timing in which the step is taken.I take your lead and modify it. I take your lead and add something to it (a flourish, or a gesture which connects us with the music).  I misunderstand your lead and go somewhere else, which is in itself interesting and enriching.  And because you are ready to follow as well as lead, you go with me.  Thus there is constant exchange.  And we begin to feel how beneficial it is when a leader understands their follower, and when those following understand what the leader is trying to achieve.  We can explore what happens when leadership is dynamic and changing from one to another, or when it is static and consistently carried by one person.  Advantages and disadvantages of each. 

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