The Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is a 3,000 year old practice - yoga meaning ‘union ‘ or ‘yolk’ of the body and mind is a discipline of creating balance in body and mind. 


This ancient science is a preventative and holistic health care measure in organisations. 


Yoga is not about being flexible and performing complicated posture ,  yoga is a holistic approach to physical and mental health as well as for an individuals personal growth and well being . 


Regular Yoga  practitioners would stress that yoga :


  • enhances emotional wellness

  • improves balance, strength and flexibility 

  • better breathing 

  • calmer mind 

  • enables relaxation and feelings of peace 



In the context of companies the benefits would include:

  • lower levels of fatigue 

  • increased vitality and energy levels 

  • better immune system

  • improved posture 

Yoga posture and breathing practice support optimal physiological  function and health,  leading to greater wellness and so less absenteeism.


additionally positive changes in employee behaviour are cultivated : 


-   ability to manage stress and anxiety 

  • increased focus and concentration 

  • enhanced inspiration, clarity 

  • increased creative thinking 

  • increased confidence

  • improved inter personal communication, relationships and morale 


Understanding that body , mind and emotions are related yoga practice creates resiliency and equanimity in the experience of difficult feelings or emotions.  So that In the midst of a hectic corporate environment , Yoga enables employees to manage mental pressures, stress and anxiety better . 

Weekly sessions bring about changes such as enhanced clarity , creative thinking and improved communication skills.   Inter - relational,  leadership and teamwork skills also thrive. 



Yoga creates a happier and more productive working environment , a wellness routine that can be performed anytime , anywhere for people of all age groups, fitness and levels.



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